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Originally from Manchester in the North of England, I'm 39 years old, cultured, educated and a little bit wild. We can spend time doing whatever piques your interest, whether in a laid back and sensual environment or out and about in London. 

I provide a non-judgmental atmosphere where you can truly be yourself and escape the pressures and formalities of everyday life - my apartment is discreet and high end in the heart of Zone 1. You can visit me in-between business meetings or for a longer date with food and drinks in the evening.  I'm very discreet and don't have any social media presence, I prefer to keep a low profile with genuine gentlemen only.

As well as being a companion I am also a keen collector and am learning about investing in niche items and precious metals such as gold and platinum. I also love perfume and collect rare and limited edition pure parfum. 

**A little disclaimer- I have a strong Northern/ Manchester accent which has come as a surprise to some gentlemen in the past- I don't speak with a cut glass Southern or RP accent. Please don't judge a book by its cover!


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Food I like

I like lots of cuisines from traditional and experimental fine dining through to street food 

How I spend my time

Art/Museum exhibitions




Lectures/ workshops

My Guilty Pleasures

Perfume addict

Feeding squirrels in my local park

Aviation cocktails

Youtube ARG videos

Men :)

Music and Books

Pop and modern 'out there' classical/ opera music (Barbra Hannigan, David Lang ect)

Magic realism & history books

Little Things

Back rubs

Dark wit


Hot mess sex

Good coffee

Belly laughs

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