A life lived in fear is a life half lived...
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Per hour £250/ £300

Dinner 4 hours £1000

Overnight 12 Hours £2000 

Middle East

Per Hour 2300 AED

Dinner 4 hours 7600

Overnight 12 hours 15300

Gold/ Stocks/ Crypto

As well as paper I also accept my rate in Bitcoinbullion gold or precious metal stocks (Palladium/ Platinum/ Iridium).  I am a keen amateur investor and these are always gratefully received along with your consideration in choosing this method.

International Dates

I love to travel and am a culture vulture, as well as a sun seeker and everything in between. If you are planning a business trip or something more extravagant let me join you for the ride....

I am passport ready and only require 24 hours notice. Please note a deposit of 25% is required to secure any international bookings and further screening is required- currency conversion can be made at the time of booking. For security reasons fly me to you appointments are not available in your private residence.


If you are so kind as to buy me a gift here are some things that I love


Pure parfum (15/30ml) and limited edition bottles.

Guerlain, Henry Jaques, Vilhelm, Penhaligons

Gift Card

Amazon/ Uber/ Selfridges




 Edge o' Beyond, Katherine Hamilton and Bordelle

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