Submission for the Dominant & Discerning Gentleman


There is intense gratification in being treated like a sex object that speaks to me...

 My saliva dripping on your Henry Poole tie gag

Nuanced micro-expressions at dinner
A welt here, a bruise there

My arched back as your Allen Jones table
Secret hand signals in a crowded room 
Crawling, begging, crying to worship you
Haute violence, finessed cruelty

Total abandon


Total deviancy


Total Control 



I am a very experienced submissive in my private life and love the act of totality in both its physical and emotional forms. If you crave a submissive woman who is able to take things to the next level please read on...

The complexities of Power dynamics interest me greatly, particularly as a Northern working class woman living in an upper class environment. I am flexible with dominant roleplays but scenarios that are centred on age or costumes (secretary, schoolgirl ect) are not my cup of tea. If you have experience inside or outside the bedroom and would like to explore BDSM on a much deeper level- I'd love to meet you. Please note however- this is not fifty shades of grey domination or something to tick off your bucket list. This is the real thing. If you like to work hard and play hard..... hello :)


My rate as a submissive is £600 per hour with a minimum booking of two hours. If you are a natural dominant affluent gentleman who requires complete obedience please get in touch. Longer term arrangements can be considered.


Diana xx