Niche & Extreme submission for the Dominant Gentleman


There is intense gratification in being treated like a sex object that speaks to me...

Total abandon

Total deviancy

Total Control 



I am the only submissive in London who offers niche and extreme BDSM meetings. The complexities of Power Dynamics interest me greatly- If you have experience inside or outside the bedroom and would like to explore BDSM on a much deeper level I'd love to meet you xx

Nymphonmaniac 2013

As well as strict discipline, brutal honesty and gentle violence I also enjoy domination that is sprinkled with dark humour and loving mentorship. I cater to all types of BDSM, from a typical cut and dry spanking session to purely psychological servitude bookings. Overall sexual exploitation is the basis of the types of kinks that I enjoy. 

If you are a naturally Dominant man but don't have experience with equipment I can teach you how to use my toys and we can explore together to see what you enjoy most. One of my favourite things it to go out to dinner wearing full bondage underneath my Dior dress :). Nearly all of my equipment is handmade or bespoke, from rabbit fur floggers and 3D printed restraints to custom made bats and fetish shoes. I have toys that are very unusual and really takes a typical sub session to a whole other level.

£1200 2 hours Traditional BDSM

Medium CP (spanking/flogging)


Human furniture

Hand signals

Light bondage (ankles or wrists)

Predicament bondage

Forced Org*sm

S*x object

Subtle public games

Pet play

Hair pulling/ light slapping

Crawling/ hobble boots

Lead & collar

Begging/ worship

Brat play (purposely being disobedient) 

Kinging (Male on female facesitting)

Sub games



£2000- 2 hours Intense BDSM 

(includes light blood play)

Contract essential

Hard CP

Intense sensation play

Female chastity belt

Body writing (degrading & stream of consciousness)

Marking (Breasts, back, thighs and bottom- to be discussed)


Guantanamo torture poses

Fire play

Lego torture

Forced excercise

Public high protocol

Bastinado (Foot torture)

Electrics (Tesla coil based)

Full bondage

£3000 Dinner (4 hours) 

Night- £4500

Ownership per day- £6000

Cane/ Misery stick

USB/ phone cable flogger

Vampire glove

Wifi tagging

Remote electric shock collar

Arrangement £25,000 per month


My Hard Limits

(things I won't do that are non-negotiable)

Age or race play

Anything illegal

Hard sports


Full sensory deprivation (ears, eyes and mouth simultaneously)

Permanent scars

  • All sessions are to be in a 5 star hotel in zone 1

  • Safe words are always used

  • 50% Deposit

  • A signed email that you will not reveal details of our time together online (social media, forums)

  • I must be allowed a break during the session


Can we meet at my home?

No, I can only meet you in a 5 star hotel.


How do I book?

 To secure our booking I need a 50% deposit. For intense sessions a contract is mandatory. I'm very conscious about privacy as I know you are too. If this is something you cannot commit to I'm afraid we can't meet. 

What do you mean by contract?

A BDSM contract states that we will respect each others limits and that we will both adhere to safe words. This is normal practice in BDSM.

What makes a good Dom?

Emotional intelligence, a sense of humour, creativity and a sound understanding of respect. And a smile :)

I'm a bit scared, you seem very intense...!

I'm a hard player :) I enjoy extremes but am quiet in nature. 

I'd like to choke you with my Saville Row tie while calling you a

*** ***** and p****** in your ***** and then make you go to dinner covered in ***.

Is that okay?